Pandemic drives imagination
Jon Manchester - Aug 04, 2022 - People in Business

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Having to entertain her young son during the pandemic led a Vernon mother to write her first children’s book.

And now, Christine Dubois has just completed her fourth.

The picture book novel is titled Gardenia: A Fairy Tale.

Dubois got into writing when “everything closed” in April 2020 as COVID-19 pandemic measures led to shutdowns across many industries.

“I had two weeks off work, and I had to entertain my son. Everything was closed, and we were extremely bored,” she said. “So we spent the two weeks in my basement, painting pictures together and made the first book: The Dragon Meets a Mermaid.

“Then, for the last nine months, I have been working on Gardenia.”

Her other books are Charlie Chip, which she produced over the winter and spring, and Marcus Moose.

Charlie Chip is about a cookie that rescues other food in the kitchen.

“I got the idea for Charlie Chip because my son loves chocolate chip cookies and we were eating them, and he asked if cookies feel pain,” she said. “Then I realized we were the antagonist in a cookie story.

“Marcus Moose I wrote because I wanted something funny.”

It’s about a moose that has random facts about Canadians, from hockey to poutine.

Gardenia, Dubois said, was inspired by B.C.’s landscape. She describes it as a “farm, princess, off-grid, adventure.” It includes water colour and digitally drawn art done by the author.

“I was originally inspired in autumn, and started writing it in October, with a very pumpkin theme after visiting St. Anne’s pumpkin patch,” she said.

Dubois says she has more books on the go and the experience “has allowed me to stay home with my son and earn a little extra money and have more time to be involved in the community.”

Her books are available on Amazon.

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