Top 40: Leanne Kuhn
Contributed - Jul 18, 2022 - People in Business

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Okanagan Edge and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce are partnering to showcase some of the region’s most exciting entrepreneurs through the “Top 40 Under 40” program.

Sponsored by BDO, the “Top 40 Under 40” recognizes high-achieving professionals in our community and showcases their accomplishments. This marks the eighth year the chamber has conducted a “Top 40” showcase. Honourees will be featured throughout the year on Okanagan Edge.

This is the 40th and final honouree.


Seven years ago, Leanne Kuhn took a leap of faith into the beauty industry and started the first eyebrow and cosmetic tattooing studio in the Okanagan. The impetus came when a good friend with cancer lost her eyebrows. Kuhn just knew there had to be a way to help give her back her confidence.

Enter microblading. Fast forward seven years, and Ink & Arch is one of North America’s best recognized brow brands and soon will be one of its fastest growing franchises. Ink & Arch helps women throughout the Okanagan get back confidence once lost—through the art of cosmetic tattooing. They also have an academy that teaches women their technique and how to start their own business in the art of microblading and cosmetic tattooing. So far, they have taught over 350 women and helped them build careers of their own, not only igniting new-found independence but also allowing them to better support their families with a new career. Plus, Kuhn set up an e-commerce store with her line of professional products that are shipped to artists in eight countries.

Being a leader in this industry is something she was given early in her career. Kuhn traces this back to her experience in university as captain of the volleyball team. Leadership is a role, she says, that you take on knowing you are responsible for wearing multiple hats—by encouraging others to not only do their best but to feel their best.

While educating her students Kuhn is aware that they look for a leader; not only to educate but also to encourage. Being able to influence and guide followers and other members of the organization is something she holds in high regard. Kuhn focuses on organizational performance, including high levels of customer satisfaction, organizational productivity, financial gains and product quality. Her effective leadership has a positive impact on employee retention, performance, engagement and morale; all closely watched by their nearly 40,000 followers on social media. Making a positive and meaningful impact on someone’s life is incredibly rewarding.

When it comes to community, Ink & Arch advocates for Mamas for Mamas, a specialized poverty relief agency and all-inclusive community for mothers and caregivers. Ink & Arch donates 15% of monthly profits in May, which is Mother’s Day month, to Mamas for Mamas. It also volunteers a team to raise donations and participate at Motionball, a national not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to introduce the next generation of donors, volunteers and sponsors to the Special Olympics movement through integrated social and sporting events.

Kuhn’s training includes a degree in graphic design and marketing from the Vancouver Art Institute and multiple certifications in cosmetic and paramedical tattooing.

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