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When you or someone you love decides it is time to tackle addiction, choosing the right treatment centre can go a long way towards recovery.

Red Road Recovery near Sorrento is a private addiction treatment centre that has created a program to ensure every angle is covered, giving its residents a tremendous chance at reaching sobriety.

There are several factors that make Red Road Recovery an elite treatment centre in B.C. The overall program focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit, but it also partners with local Indigenous communities to offer cultural programming for those who seek it. That includes an on-site sweat lodge, medicine wheel teachings, art therapy and an elder who shares their wisdom.

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The physical beauty of the centre itself, along with the gorgeous surroundings, create a sense of tranquility for the residents. It is important for them to have a beautiful space in order to heal and recover, as it helps with their self-esteem, and Red Road offers exactly that.

There are seven bedrooms, and each has its own private washroom—something not found at many treatment centres in the province. Isolation is not allowed, so residents are with the group throughout the day, but when they have time to reflect or go to bed at night or have their own washroom to get ready for the day, those minutes of solace are viewed as something that can be beneficial to recovery.

Every counsellor at Red Road is not only a qualified, licensed professional, but they are all in recovery themselves. A little empathy can go a long way at a drug and alcohol treatment centre, and the certified counsellors at Red Road can offer plenty of that.

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There is lots of laughter and sometimes tears—both happy and sad—but these are the emotions that are essential to the healing process at Red Road. However, one of the goals is to always have as much fun as possible. Residents go on all sorts of hikes and boat trips, they play virtual reality, and they go snowshoeing in the winter. Other extra-curricular programming includes yoga, meditation and an on-site gym. As some of the counsellors like to say, they are not sobering up to be bored but in fact are rediscovering the joys of life.

Counsellors are on site six days a week, and facilitate group therapy and provide individual counselling sessions to support clients in building a strong foundation of recovery. 

Following the review and approval of the client application, the assessment, individualized treatment plan and transition planning begin upon intake.

To learn more about why Red Road Recovery is the right choice for you or your loved one, visit its website here.

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