Safe haven for women opens
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jul 05, 2022 - Get Involved

Photo: Facebook

Kelowna’s Hall family and NOW Canada have opened 28 new townhomes and a community centre for women and children who flee domestic violence.

The Hall family, which co-founded Regency Retirement Resorts, provided the land and completely funded the project, which NOW Canada will operate.

“It was Ed Hall’s vision to create life enriching opportunities for resident moms and kids, so families can thrive and become part of a healthy and vibrant community,” NOW Canada executive director Liz Talbott said in a press release. “This vision has now come to fruition and will have positive impact in our community for many years to come.”

The project, which was conceived in 2015, also includes support services so women and children can get the resources they need as they move forward in their lives.

“The Hall family’s vision for this initiative is pride in where you live as a life empowering vehicle,” Ed Hall said. “Our goal, at the outset, was to try to create the finest, safest, most secure and enriching living environment in Canada for at-risk moms and their kids.”

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