Maestro’s a masterpiece
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It’s an exciting day at Manteo.

Maestro’s at Manteo, a Mediterranean restaurant and terrace, officially opened today at Manteo Beach Resort, magnificent and uninhibited in its ambition to provide a fresh new culinary experience for visitors to the region and to Kelowna residents.

Rudi Heider, director of Argus Properties Hospitality says everything they do at the resort envisions the Okanagan decades from now, and that includes Maestro’s place in it.

“Kelowna has many wonderful restaurants, so we know we have to deliver a unique culinary and aesthetic experience that is, in short, second to none,” Heider says. “Our setting on the lakeshore is just that, and we believe our guest experience at Maestro’s will be as well. Our goal is simple and lofty: We aim to be recognized as one of Canada’s finest restaurants. That will take time. Our journey has begun.”

The restaurant is part of a larger strategic and long-term vision for the two lakeside properties. The Hotel Eldorado and Manteo are owned by Argus Properties. CEO Ted Callahan envisions the hotels becoming the premier lakeside resort destination for visitors to Kelowna from B.C., Canada, the U.S. and around the world, with guests seamlessly experiencing all that both properties offer. Maestro’s is part of that vision and has undergone a complete renovation and redesign, leaving nothing unchanged. The restaurant has 80 seats inside and 120 on the terrace, offering sweeping, unparalleled views of Lake Okanagan.

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The cuisine will be second to none and unlike any other offered in the Okanagan. The chef has created an imaginative menu drawing inspiration from around the Mediterranean, from countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and in North Africa and from cities such as Genoa, Nice, Valencia and Split; for guests, Maestro’s will present an endless variety of extraordinary culinary choices.

The wine list, which is spectacular, features sought-after wines from the Okanagan Valley and from many other world class regions, chosen to perfectly complement the delectable food offerings.

From early beginnings in tourism and hospitality, Argus Properties Hospitality is now recognized as a top hotelier. Through a punishing pandemic, Argus Properties has continued to invest in tourism and hospitality, with a clear eyed vision of the Kelowna and Okanagan of 2032, 2042 and beyond.

Tony Peyton, spokesperson for Argus Properties, says this commitment to tourism and hospitality continues a long tradition at both hotels.

“These roots run deep,” he says. “In 1923 Countess Bubna, an eccentric and enormously wealthy English woman, arrived in the Okanagan and decided to build the original Hotel Eldorado on the lakeshore just south of Kelowna. ‘The El’ opened in 1926 and quickly became one of B.C.’s premier destination resorts.

“Many counted ‘The Countess’ out and questioned her vision, but time has shown her to be right and today the Okanagan has become Canada’s top tourist destination. That boldness of ownership and vision is the legacy of Countess Bubna and has continued through to 2022.

“Maestro’s at Manteo reflects that boldness and vision, as does the Eldorado Resort: One resort. Two worlds.”

More information about Maestro’s at Manteo can be found here.

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