Kampe estate project approved
Chelsea Powrie - Jun 22, 2022 - Biz Releases

Photo: Google

A second developer taking a crack at developing a contentious Penticton property has gotten approval from city council.

At Tuesday’s meeting, council green lit official community plan bylaw and zoning amendments to pave the way for an 84-unit strata townhouse development at 435 Green Ave. West, known locally as the Kampe estate after the late philanthropist who owned it.

Two previous proposed developments for the 1.5-hectare property, both from Broadstreet Properties, were shot down after community backlash. Both would have featured more than 130 units on the site, and the neighbourhood rallied against what they saw as too much density.

Now, a new developer has pitched 84 townhouses in a proposal that seems to have not ruffled as many feathers.

At a public hearing Monday night, just one person stood to speak, and they were in favour.

“This is a classic case of compromise,” Coun. James Miller said. “It appears as though the neighbourhood’s more than happy and content, and it seems reasonably priced, and Penticton definitely needs housing stock, so I’m very happy to vote for it at this time.”

Council voted unanimously to give the amendments second and third reading, and they are expected to be formally adopted at a coming meeting.

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