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Jason Mann

The people are what make a business great, and there is no shortage of them at Beachcomber Home and Leisure.

The company has locations in both Kelowna and Vernon, and the employees who work there care about their colleagues, their customers and doing a good job.

But what makes them tick? In an effort to get to know Beachcomber employees a little better, two of them answered a few questions to shed a little light on their background and what they love about working for the company.

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Elma Melvin

Jason Mann and Elma Melvin are the first two employees to go under the microscope, giving Beachcomber customers an opportunity to know a little more about the smiling faces they see when they enter the store.

Q: What aspect of your job do you love the most?
Jason Mann: When new furniture arrives and hits the floor! Everyone gets excited about that, I think.
Elma Melvin: I love visiting with customers, finding out where they’re from and what they’re needing.

Q: What Beachcomber product would you personally love to have in your own home but maybe don’t have the room?
JM: A hot tub!!
EM: An infrared sauna.

Q: Something that people do not know about you?
JM: I was fortunate to do a lot of travelling when I was younger. I went great white shark diving in South Africa and later travelled to Easter Island.
EM: I’m musical. I play the piano and many other instruments by ear. I also love to sing and harmonize by ear.

Q: Where did you grow up?
JM: The paradise of the prairies! Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
EM: Northern Ireland.

Q: Favourite activity when not working?
JM: Oooh, that’s a tough one. Snowboarding, volleyball, running, golfing … no, wait … live music!
EM: Hosting gatherings for my friends at our house, hiking, gardening and taking care of my animals. I have one horse, a donkey, two cats and one dog.

Q: Who was someone you admired growing up? Why?
JM: Joe Sakic. He played for our local WHL team, the Swift Current Broncos, when I was young. Of course being a Canadian kid and playing hockey my hero had to be a hockey player, right?!
EM: Queen Elizabeth. I love her dignity.

Q: What country have you visited that makes you think of the Okanagan?
JM: Argentina. Not all of the country, just one specific part.
EM: New Zealand.

Q: Book, movie or show you would recommend?
JM: Book: Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain. Movie: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. Show: Mindhunter on Netflix.
EM: The True Story of Sully.

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