Scotiabank opening doors
Okanagan Edge Staff - May 31, 2022 - Get Involved

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(L to R): Okanagan College Foundation executive director Helen Jackman, OCF chair Gladys Fraser, Scotiabank district vice-president Larry Clements, Kelowna Secondary School student Kiana Nazembokaei, Okanagan College science and technology dean William Gillett, and Okanagan College program co-ordinator Helena Jordo.

Scotiabank and Okanagan College are giving high school students the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience before they reach the post-secondary level.

The bank got the ball rolling with a pilot project called Gateway to Tech, which high school students could take at Okanagan College to receive credits towards their graduation. Now the two organizations are teaming up to create Gateway to Business and Community, which is specifically for Indigenous students.

Scotiabank is donating $250,000 to enable both programs, which focus on opening up high school students’ eyes to hands-on learning opportunities, building fundamental skills and providing insights to meaningful careers here in the Okanagan and beyond.

The funding aims to support equitable and inclusive access to the programs, particularly for Indigenous learners and girls. The donation is part of ScotiaRISE, the bank’s 10-year, $500-million initiative to promote economic resilience among individuals who have faced barriers to education.

“Through ScotiaRISE, we are proud to partner with Okanagan College to remove barriers young people face that impede their access to education and employment opportunities,” Scotiabank district vice-president Larry Clements said in a press release.

“We hope both programs will support the arc of a young person’s life on to a positive and fulfilling future as a healthy and contributing member of their community.”

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