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Maybe you have designs on a brand new kitchen that you have been envisioning in your mind for years.

Or perhaps you finally want to make the move and build that outdoor kitchen area that you would use relentlessly during beautiful Okanagan summers that attract guests from all over.

Of course, as soon as you start thinking that it is time to finally take that step, you start shuddering thinking about all the different designers, builders and other contractors you will need to hire to make your dreams become a reality.

That nightmare scenario is why Penticton’s InsideOut Kitchens is such a dream to work with when it comes to kitchens. They do it all, from top to bottom. You can call InsideOut Kitchens, and you can feel the stress that usually comes with a major renovation or project just melt away.

“We’re actually a design centre. We do it all,” InsideOut Kitchens proprietor Denise McIntosh says. “We’re going to help pick out your countertops, your backsplash tile, your flooring, your paint colours. So we’re giving you a design package. We can design it, but we’ll also sell you the product as well.”

InsideOut Kitchens, which works with preferred contractors, carries multiple cabinet product lines, so it offers a variety of choices and prices, but it will not drop below a certain level. Quality has always been a hallmark of InsideOut Kitchens, and McIntosh says there is a reason for that.

“If you’re renovating your kitchen, and you’re going with a lower price, do you want your kitchen to last 15 to 20 years, or do you want it to last five to 10 years?” she says.

Quality has become a big issue in the industry lately, as inflation and the high cost of living have caused people to often choose the lowest bidder. The problem with that is the cost of materials is the same for everyone, which means corners are no doubt being cut in order to make a profit.

McIntosh points out that her customers save money in other ways, like through the relationship InsideOut Kitchens has with Kelowna’s Trail Appliances; InsideOut customers get appliance discounts. There is also the fact that you don’t need to bring in an outside designer to draw up the plans for your new kitchen.

“I put that into value because you’re not just buying the cabinets. You’re getting design service that is complementary,” McIntosh says. “We might be a little bit more money than the guy down the street, but you’re going to get so much more for that.

“We’re a boutique centre that helps you with everything, from design concept right through to completion.”

You might say they have you covered, both inside and out.

Visit the InsideOut Kitchens website to get started on turning your vision into your brand new kitchen.

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