Beachcomber forges ahead
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Dennis Melvin, seen here with wife Barbie, passed away last month.

Pushing forward.

The Melvin family was devastated when its patriarch, Dennis Melvin, passed away recently. It came as a huge shock, and even now his son, Kent Melvin, says, “I still think I will look up and see him walking through the warehouse doors.”

Grieving is an important part of dealing with the passing of a loved one. However, for the Melvin family, which owns Beachcomber Home Leisure in Kelowna and Vernon, work is just as therapeutic. Because Dennis never stopped. Even in his later years Dennis was told to “slow down” and “take a day off.” But he seldom ever did. If you were ever in his company you could sense the energy the man had even in his later years. For him work was part of life and gave him more access to his family, so he revelled in it.

“He was always doing something to help the store, whether it was helping buying or warehousing. He didn’t stop,” Kent says. “He had a great life, because he did what he loved right up until the day he passed.”

In the busiest part of the season for the Melvins, the work Dennis did just has to be split up evenly as no one person can do what Dennis did.

But the family will continue his legacy.

“We all worked with him long enough that we knew what he would say before he said it,” Kent says. “Always be looking, sourcing the best product available. Work hard for the customer. Be kind to the employees, as they are everything to us.”

“My dad was a great example of what you can accomplish and also how to be happy. I have met several people who retire and then they don’t have a passion to pursue what helps keep them going. Dad had that passion. He was able to include family in almost everything Beachcomber did, and I think it kept our family close.”

Kent says the customers have been great throughout this time.

“Yeah, he knew a lot of people, and well-wishers continue to reach out to our family,” he says. “The kindness that people have shown us is truly extraordinary, and I can’t thank them enough.”

But now during the busy spring season, when new arrivals are coming in and just as quickly going out, will he and the family take some time off?

“Not a chance,” Kent says. “Dad would want us to continue to work, and that’s exactly what we will do.”

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