Ramada alters expansion plan
Wayne Moore - Feb 23, 2022 - Biz Releases

Image: Contributed

Owners of Kelowna’s Ramada Hotel on Harvey Avenue have brought forth a totally new concept for a planned expansion.

Nearly three years ago, the hotel was granted a development permit to construct a 12-storey, mass timber addition on what is presently the parking lot on the west portion of the property. The addition was expected to include 83 rooms.

Plans have changed dramatically since then.

Gone is the 12-storey concept, replaced by a longer, six-storey design.

The new configuration was presented to planning staff this week.

And, because the design is radically different, and the original DP has long since expired, the new design will need to circulate through the internal process before returning to council for its blessing.

The new “Ramada Apartment” would stretch along much of the western edge of the property from Harvey Avenue back to Enterprise Way.

It would include 160 rooms, 40 on each of the top four floors. It would also feature a one-storey parkade.

According to plans, parking would be provided for 169 vehicles, 19 more than required.

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