Sorrow leads to Sun Life
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Barbara Hohner

Barbara Hohner’s first career was as a registered nurse.

Little did she know it would play a part in her second career with Sun Life.

The Kelowna woman remembers one patient in particular. He popped into her mind every now and again during her nursing career.

A young man was dying of cancer and was the sole provider for his family. Hohner was taking care of him in his final days.  She was saddened to learn that he had not done any financial planning for his family. He had no life insurance and no savings; it was causing him stress in his final days.

“It was incredibly emotional,” Hohner says. “I will never forget the look of sheer fear and regret in his eyes.  He worried about how his family would make it without him.”  This made it hard for him to pass peacefully and equally hard for his loving wife and family to let him go. 

“I have seen a lot of pain over the years as a nurse, but his pain was different. I often thought about this family throughout my career and reflected on the impacts of not having a safety net, savings, insurance, or some type of plan.”

Seeing that anguish up close played a role in leading Hohner to Sun Life. She says she originally became an advisor so that she could “try to protect families from a similar outcome.” Hohner is all about planning. She ensures clients know the importance of savings and of insurance. It’s the foundation for a secure financial future.

Hohner’s history as a nurse means she gets to know you and your family. She understands the intricacies of your family dynamic and comes up with the best plan possible. She tailors each recommendation for her clients’ specific needs and situation.

She also has four core beliefs that she shares with clients:

• Develop a budget. A budget helps you make decisions and plan for the short and long term. Sticking to a budget will help you save more and have funds available if the unthinkable happens.

• Build your family’s financial literacy. Being financially literate means you understand how to manage personal finances, keep track of money and invest wisely. Having your family join in on the learning benefits everyone.

• Draft a will with a lawyer. Writing a will may be unpleasant, but helps ensure your assets go to who you want. It is important to have a valid will so your executor can fulfil your wishes.

• Protect your future. Life insurance protects your loved ones by giving them tax-free support after you are gone. Another option is critical illness insurance, which pays a lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness like cancer, which can help to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, or therapy.

Hohner also notes that it is never too late to start planning. If you think you are too old to come up with a financial plan, you are not. Reach out to Hohner today to start the conversation at [email protected].

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