BlueSky back in Home Depot
Victoria Femia - Jan 21, 2022 - Biz Releases

Photo: BlueSky Organics

A Vernon company has had its national distribution contract renewed with Home Depot Canada.

Soil and nutrient manufacturer BlueSky Organics says the contract has been continued for the 2022 lawn and garden season.

The product line, Whole Earth, was designed specifically for growing organically.

The line consists of five products, including a rooting/seed starter, vegetable and herb fertilizer, a bloom enhancer, a soil regenerator and an environmentally safe lawn fertilizer called Green-Up.

“These products and recyclable packaging are aligned with our global mission of taking care of our planet and each other, they are pollinator-friendly, child and pet safe,” BlueSky Organics co-founder and CEO Mary Horvatincic said.

“Why are we still using chemicals that could potentially harm our families and the environment? It is 2022, and we need to make drastic changes in this industry that support these values.”

A study published by Dalhousie University found that over 50% of people grow food at home to reduce their environmental impact, BlueSky noted.

The 2020 study on gardening trends also found that 66.9% of longtime gardeners and 56.1% of new gardeners agree that homegrown food is healthier.

BSO will begin filling orders from 182 Home Depot stores on Jan. 24.

The products are also available in independent gardening stores, including Briteland Garden Centre, Swan Lake Market and Garden Centre and Golden Acres Garden Centre.

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