OEB opens its doors
Cindy White - Jan 17, 2022 - Biz Releases

A new restaurant is opening in Kelowna Monday.

OEB is a breakfast and brunch chain, started in Calgary more than a decade ago by chef Mauro Martina.

“It’s a farm-to-table approach, and it’s been the belief of this company since 2009,” Martina said. “We put the emphasis and hard work into the people that produce for us.

“So we embrace the local community, local ranchers, farmers and growers to really work with us to showcase their artistry and for us to showcase their product in a more artistic way for breakfast.”

The Kelowna location is one of eight OEBs set to open this year but the only one currently on the books for the Okanagan.

Martina said eight is enough for 2022. “Because of what happened during the pandemic, the floods of course, equipment getting stuck, production and manufacturers of equipment not being able to supply, it’s still a challenge. The challenge is now over. However, it makes the team stronger.”

Despite a labour shortage in Kelowna, especially in the foodservice industry, Martina said they have managed to find the staff needed to open the restaurant, in part thanks to their early hours.

“We give people an opportunity to have a life. We open our doors at 7 a.m., we close them at 3 p.m. People are gone by probably quarter to four, spend time with family, spend time with kids, and that’s important,” he said.

The Kelowna restaurant is also being used as the base to launch a new OEB menu featuring creations like Korean bulgogi benny, chilaquiles and deep-fried pierogies.

The doors opened at 7 a.m. today (Monday). OEB is located in the Ella building at 1590 Ellis St.

The restaurant covers 2,700 square feet and was designed by Kayla Browne of BOLD Workshop Architecture of Calgary. A patio is scheduled to open in the spring.

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