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There has never been a greater need for purifying your indoor air than this week in the Okanagan.

Air quality has been decimated due to the wildfire smoke that is smothering the region, with the province giving the area an air quality health index risk of 10-plus—the worst value on its scale.

According to the B.C. government, wildfire smoke contains particulate matter, carbon monoxide, atmospheric mercury, ozone-forming chemicals and volatile organic compounds, and your furnace is designed to pull that air in from the outside. The problem is your regular air filter does not stop that dangerous matter from entering your home or workplace.

Considering North Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, every day you breathe 2,000 gallons of air and 50% of all respiratory illnesses are caused by air pollution, the need for a good air purifier has never been greater.

Air has also been proven to be two to five times worse indoors than outside, although that would not be the case this week in the Okanagan.

People are taking much better care of their bodies these days, whether it’s through the food they eat or the water they drink. Considering how important breathing is to living, it’s time to focus more on air quality.

One of the options to breathe cleaner air is through a portable air purifier, which features a high efficiency particulate air filter, also known as a HEPA filter. The technology is ahead of its time, offering real-time air quality readings so you can see just how clean the air is. It also exchanges the air in a room five times per hour instead of the two or three times a regular furnace can do it, and it cranks up when the air is bad.

Portable air filters weed out tiny particulate matter from wildfire smoke that is 2.5 microns and larger. These ultra-fine particles are the most common and dangerous component of wildfire smoke.

It is important to buy the proper unit to fit the room where you’ll use it most frequently, and most of them list the size of the room they can filter effectively.

A more affordable option is a polarized, electronic air cleaner that is simple to install because it goes right into the existing filter track in your furnace. The electronic air cleaner polarizes tiny particles that slip through the filter the first time, making them cling to each other. When they go through the air exchange process the next time, they are big enough to be stopped by the filter.

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