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Unit Electrical Engineering (UEE) has made its mark in the South Okanagan, and now it is ready to do the same in the rest of Western Canada.

The company is already one of the largest in Okanagan Falls, with more than 100 employees and 100,000 square feet of office and production space, and it is primed to grow—both through business opportunities and in its size.

UEE is all about providing customized electrical solutions to industry. Whether that is to increase mine productivity, supply power for commercial and industrial sites or to electrify transportation systems, there is not much UEE cannot do.

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“It’s our ability to take turnkey projects from cradle to grave, from a high-level concept to seeing it through the design and engineering stages to fabrication, right to the delivery and even the commissioning side of things,” UEE business development and marketing manager Daniel Esterreicher says.

UEE is the company behind the manufacturing and service of linear induction motors (LIMs) for the SkyTrain expansion in the Lower Mainland that TransLink is currently conducting.

“Those LIMs are made and serviced in our little factory right here in OK Falls,” UEE vice-president of operations Rick Marini says.

UEE is an Okanagan Falls success story, starting out in 1996 and getting purchased by Wismer and Rawlings Electrical Inc. of Port Coquitlam in 2000. Wismer and Rawlings provides medium- and high-voltage field service to industry, and recently hired a technical field service salesperson in Kelowna to expand the company’s reach in the Okanagan as well.

UEE is always on the lookout for the “best and brightest” to join its workforce as well. When you are a business that creates unique solutions for clients, those who think outside the box are always welcome.

The company’s Okanagan Falls plant produces everything from medium- and high-voltage electrical infrastructure for industry, linear induction motors, high-voltage cable couplers for the mining industry, commercial and industrial switch gear, and e-houses for industry.

“We’re a very diverse company,” Marini says, “and a lot of our products, they can be used in different applications to suit the needs of our customers.

UEE has also joined the renewable revolution. They have recently worked on a few solar projects in southern Alberta, as well as biogas plants, small hydro projects and waste water treatment plants.

More information about Unit Electrical Engineering can be found here.

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