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The way Synergy Gymnastics Centre operates can be found right there in its name.

“When we chose the name Synergy, we chose it for a reason,” owner Cindy Rost says. “It’s about all the pieces coming together to work towards something bigger. Our athletes, families, coaches and the community are all a part of what makes this work. We are very proud of what we have achieved together.”

Speaking of coming together, Rost says the amazing support from the landlord, Argus Properties, during the pandemic was instrumental in keeping Synergy’s doors open.

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Synergy is a high-performance training centre for women’s artistic gymnastics and women’s competitive tumbling, and is primarily for girls between the ages of four and 18.

“It’s geared for athletes who love the sport, who want to do something more than just take lessons, and who want to continue to grow their skills and that passion that they have for the sport,” Rost says.

The gym, which is located at 160-1979 Windsor Rd. in Kelowna, is a wide-open space with many windows, lots of light and—as a result—plenty of energy. And now that most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, there is new life back in the gym.

Those who are interested in artistic gymnastics and/or tumbling at Synergy can get a taste of the sport by participating in summer or entry-level programs. If they like it, they will move on and take part in one of the three main competitive programs: Women’s Developmental, Xcel or High School. The main difference between the programs is the number of training hours per week.

The coaches stress team building, even though gymnastics is an individual sport, and focuses on the mental side of the sport along with the physical. Synergy’s coaches have backgrounds in kinesiology, physiotherapy and psychology.

Even though Synergy athletes have stood on podiums at events like the BC Winter Games and B.C. provincial championships, the focus is always on achieving personal goals and not results. It’s all about skill improvement—not medals. Part of their training is knowing what they can control, and judges are not one of them.

“It’s all part of our sport,” Rost says. “We want healthy athletes, mentally and physically, while they’re here and when they leave.

“Research shows swimming and gymnastics are two of the core sports that your children should do. Gymnastics teaches children body awareness, strength flexibility and lifelong physically activity. It is a great sport.”

The 2020-21 season is winding down, and the new one will start up again in August. Rost is looking for athletes and additional coaches to join the Synergy Gymnastics team.

“If your child or athlete happens to love the sport, we’d love to see them grow up in our gym.”

To register or to learn about programs, visit the Synergy Gymnastics Centre website for more information.

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