Huge hike at local pumps
Wayne Moore - Jun 10, 2021 - Biz Releases

Photo: Wayne Moore

If you can find gas at $1.36 a litre, grab it. It likely won’t last long.

Following the lead of some stations around Vernon, gas stations in the Central Okanagan have driven prices up to 145.9 a litre.

That’s a nine cent increase from what it has been for nearly three months.

The price around Kelowna reflects an increase at Petro Canada stations in Vernon that made the jump Wednesday.

A search of shows stations across the Okanagan and Thompson regions have started making the jump to 146.9.

Typically, the price of gas does rise as summer, and the July long weekend approaches and more people hit the road.

According to the Petro Can rack pricing list, stations across the Southern Interior are paying 90.5 cents a litre, plus about 50 cents in taxes and overhead.

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