Ice cream parlour now open
Kristen Holliday - May 04, 2021 - Biz Releases

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Mark was the first customer on Saturday.

Ice Cream Social, a new North Shore dessert spot, opened its doors on Saturday to a “really positive” reception from the neighbourhood, according to the owners.

Couple Scott Bergman and Jaycee Elsby, along with Elsby’s mother, Margaret Temperton, co-own the new ice cream shop at 388 Tranquille Rd.

“We’ve been tagged on social media in a number of posts. We see a lot of kids with happy faces with ice cream all over, and happy parents. It’s been really, really positive so far, we’re so excited and so happy,” Elsby said.

Elsby, previously a stay-at-home mom to four girls, said the shop was opened quickly after Bergman was laid off from his job as a sound technician.

“Obviously that hasn’t been a booming industry because of COVID,” Elsby said.

Bergman said he worked as the sound technician for Music in the Park. The Kamloops music festival was cancelled for the 2020 season due to the pandemic and plans for 2021 have not yet been confirmed.

“Because that wasn’t working, and I wasn’t working, we needed something that we could both do together and make enough to support our family,” Elsby said.

They were able to put the store together in about a month, according to Elsby.

“I feel very proud about that,” she said.

According to Elsby, Bergman’s parents own an ice cream parlour in Prince George. They were able to pass on connections and knowledge so Ice Cream Social could open in a short timeframe.

“Scott’s dad showed us how to scoop and where to place the ice cream in the freezer to get the best scooping. There was just so much knowledge readily available to us that we thought it would be a great idea to do it here, where the climate is a lot warmer than Prince George,” Elsby said.

Ice Cream Social serves 36 flavours of ice cream from Foothills Creamery, an Edmonton-based company.

Elsby said they carry sorbets and sherbets, as well as lactose free and no-sugar added options.

The store is opened from noon to 10 p.m. each day.

“Scott and I know that when we get a hankering for ice cream, it’s usually bedtime. We need some later options, and we decided to stay open until 10,” Elsby said.

Elsby said it’s been a challenge balancing home life and work life with her four daughters, but the girls are “just as excited as we are.”

“So far, it’s been going really, really well,” she said.

Elsby said as of Sunday evening, their shop signage hasn’t yet been installed. Those interested in visiting Ice Cream Social will find the store across from Desert Pool and Spa on Tranquille Road.

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