Rutland bustling with growth
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Uptown Rutland Business Association’s Mural Project attracts visitors to the neighbourhood.

Call it the Rutland Renaissance.

Kelowna continues to grow overall, and that means all parts of the city are expanding. That is happening as much in Rutland as it is in other parts of the city, and businesses are definitely taking notice.

Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company was looking for a new home last year after renting a commercial kitchen in the Pandosy neighbourhood for three years. They examined downtown, but the lack of foot traffic in the winter months and the vast expense convinced them to keep looking.

Meanwhile, they kept noticing a spot at the corner of Leathead Road and Rutland Road North. Seeing that the neighbourhood was rather busy, they moved into the spot last October.

“We are so happy with our location,” Jaide Hatfield says. “We have so many people driving by. Most of our customer base actually lives in Rutland, like 80 per cent, which is fantastic. A lot of people walk by every day. A lot of people drive by every day.

“It’s not really a place that you go out for. It’s kind of most people’s drives home.”

That foot traffic is about to expand with the addition of Sole Rutland, a 70-unit condominium project from Edgecombe Builders Group that is currently being constructed kitty corner from Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company. While downtown Kelowna is busy in the summer, Rutland is turning into a community that is always on the go all the year long.

“We’re super excited,” Hatfield says. “A big part of why we chose our location was we did see the Sole development going up across from us, which was super exciting. It’s a great place to live.

“As a business, the more people that know we’re here, the better, and definitely more housing is good, too. We’re super happy to see it going up.”

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Sole Rutland should be completed this year.

Bikramjit Singh owns and operates Tossing Pizzeria in the same building as Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company, and he has noticed the increase in the neighbourhood’s diversity.

“There are a lot more international students heading towards Canada. It’s becoming more busy. When a person comes here, they try to settle down here after their studies,” says Singh, who moved to Kelowna from Prince George and plans to buy a house in Rutland soon.

“It’s getting busier here because of the community here. There are different types of communities here, like the Sikhs and the Muslims. That’s the main reason it’s expanding, plus the weather. The weather is beautiful here in the Okanagan.”

Sole Rutland is scheduled to be completed later this year, and it will feature one-, two- and three-bedroom homes starting at $259,900. There will be three commercial spaces at street level and an expansive second-floor lounge, complete with a large patio.

“I operate my renovation and finishing company, Unique Contracting, from Rutland, so I am thrilled to see the recent growth of this community,” says Ryan Webb, who has lived in Rutland for 19 years. “I live a couple blocks from the new Sole building currently being built. It’s nice to finally see new condos in the neighbourhood. As home prices start to increase in Rutland, and Kelowna in general, it’s a great opportunity for people looking to buy their first home.

“Rutland has a lot of older neighbourhoods, and I look forward to the revitalization of this area.”

Sole Rutland’s sales centre is located at 615 Rutland Rd. N., and appointments can be made by clicking here.

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