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Jeff Lundy, a resident of Kelowna, has always been a key part of Integral Energy Services, which provides electrical, instrumentation and project management services.

Travel to and from Wild Rose Country was starting to be too much for him and his young family. He was all set to say goodbye to the company, but Integral decided they could not live without Lundy, who was managing many of its major projects.

So, in 2019, Integral opened a Kelowna division with Lundy at the helm. His extensive commercial, residential, and industrial electrical experience allowed Integral to offer its wide range of elite services to the entire Okanagan Valley, from Osoyoos to Sicamous.

Integral Energy Services has successfully completed more than $1 billion of electrical work across Western Canada since it was incorporated in 2005. It was already completing projects in B.C., including several scopes at LNG Canada in Kitimat, and the Kelowna division was a natural progression.

“Everything tied together perfectly,” Integral vice-president of construction Tom Surinskis says. “We want to bring our world-class electrical work to the Okanagan Valley.”

For Lundy, this is the perfect time to showcase his expertise. It couldn’t have worked out any better for him, as he was able to access the resources of an established company that employs more than 300 people, which for the past seven years has been one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and boasts a sterling safety record.

“Instead of just running my own company, starting from the complete ground up, I would say I cut 10 to 20 years off that just with the support, financials and all the pieces that Integral already had in place,” Lundy says.

Lundy is already responsible for numerous electrical projects throughout the Okanagan Valley. He has the ability to execute any electrical work, including electrical distribution installation, commissioning electrical systems and high-voltage terminations—and everything in between.

“If it has wires, that’s us,” Lundy says. “If you’re going to build a house, you need us. If you’re going to build a restaurant, you need us. If you’re going to build a winery, you need us. If you’re going to expand the airport or University you need us, and we want to assist in making future projects successful.”

The Kelowna office is located at 203-1625 Dilworth Dr., just north of Enterprise Way, and Lundy can be reached directly (250)-826-6765 or [email protected].

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