Unisus builds new pre-school
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After experiencing high demand and rapid growth, Unisus School of Summerland is entering another exciting advancement phase. Not only is it offering the first Grade 12 graduating class with the globally recognized International Baccalaureate diploma for fall 2021, but also expanding to offer a brand new, state of the art Early Childhood Education Centre.

It’s well documented that quality early childhood education programming offers significant student improvement on a wide range of cognitive, language, social and emotional development measures. There is also a breadth of studies showcasing improved success for these students entering kindergarten and throughout their educational lifespan. These benefits include improved student accountability, greater attention spans and lifelong learning skills, to name a few. Unisus Early Childhood Education Centre offers a high-quality early childhood learning program, where students learn to be responsible for learning, engaging in outdoor education and becoming independent learners.

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Unisus follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years program. This globally recognized educational pedagogy and methodology offers children the opportunity to enjoy a rigorous curriculum, focusing on the skills of academic learning with both local and global perspectives desperately needed for future success. These skills include high levels of communication skills and multiple language acquisition. Students in the Early Childhood program are introduced to both English and Spanish as their primary and secondary languages. By starting this second language acquisition at an early age, students are more apt to continue with their interest not only Spanish throughout their education at Unisus, but also additional language learning opportunities. This is just one part of the global perspectives offered at Unisus School.

Other IB approaches to learning include skill building in researching skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking and self management. Through inquiry-based learning modules, students are also introduced to fine arts and music in the Early Childhood program. Introducing these skills at such an early age might seem overachieving, but in a play-based environment, with a focus on outdoor education opportunities, it strikes a perfect balance of what parents are looking for and students find success with. Amazing outdoor spaces on the gated 17-acre campus are used as an extended classroom where students can inhale endless fresh air, fully engage and explore. According to Inae Kim, one of the program co-ordinators: “Our unique, nature-based curriculum connects the inquiry-based curriculum, supports age-appropriate educational activities such as literacy activities, hand-on arts, mud kitchens, loose-parts play, music, language and exploring risky play. By combining hands-on learning in the natural environment, children use these experiences to engage in an enriched learning environment.”

According to Unisus senior leadership team members, “By concentrating efforts on building capacity in our youngest students, the transition throughout the rest of the Unisus School programming sets them apart from others. The attention to details all the way through the students formal primary, middle and secondary school education, gives Unisus students a substantial advantage towards their future goals.”

For more information about any remaining spots in the Early Childhood Education Centre or any of the programs offered at Unisus School, call 250-404-3232, email [email protected] or visit the website.

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