How Eggs Canna got its name
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Eggs Canna Cannabis Boutique co-founder Andrew Cappellano could not be happier with how well business has gone during the company’s first few months in the Okanagan.

“Thank you, Kelowna, and thank you, Penticton,” Cappellano says. “We could not have imagined a warmer welcome to the Okanagan.”

And, of course, one of the questions that Cappellano has been getting most about his business is how Eggs Canna got its name. He started experimenting with cannabis cultivation more than 20 years ago, and it didn’t take long for him to realize he had a real knack for it.

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Andrew Cappellano

Cappellano realized early in his budding career the intrinsic value of distinct types of cannabis, so he began amassing unique and sought-after strains.

“I created a perpetually expanding, exclusive genetics library, further augmenting that collection with desirable clones from some of B.C.’s most experienced growers,” he says. “By practice, I would separate the seedlings in eggshells, which was an age-old technique in agriculture, and used eggshells as a fertilizer. My brothers started calling me ‘Egg,’ then my friends, and before long the nickname stuck.”

As Capellano’s products earned more and more respect, they became known as “Eggs” strains. It has now been a recognized B.C. brand since 2014.

“I was first licensed under the (Marijuana Medical Access Regulations) system back in 2004, which allowed patients to either purchase marijuana from a licensed producer or grow it themselves,” he says. “Throughout my career, I have overseen the construction of numerous grow facilities and have been hands on in building the Eggs Canna retail stores.”

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And by “hands on,” Cappellano is not kidding around. He is the lead general contractor and construction hand, literally swinging the hammer and putting up the walls of every EC location.

“It’s not easy. My back can attest to that,” he says. “But we are literally a mom and pop startup. Every penny matters when trying to build your dream.”

This spring, Cappellano’s retail team is launching its latest initiative. The Seniors Monday campaign will offer a full-service experience for those over the age of 55, many of whom are new to cannabis. This campaign will focus on education, and one-on-one in-store and over-the-phone support. All products in the campaign are carefully curated for this age group and will be coupled with store-wide discounts at all EC locations.

“This campaign is for my mom and family members who have recently begun to explore CBD and its many benefits at an older age in life,” Cappellano says. “I am so grateful to see how proud they are for my passion and how much they have learned from our amazing Cannaseurs.”

A second Kelowna location, on Kirschner Avenue, will be opening in July.

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