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Did you know:

• Two in three Canadians find it difficult to access medical care after hours without going to the ER?

• One in seven Canadians do not have a family doctor?

• One in five Canadians waited more than seven days the last time they needed medical attention?

TELUS Health is committed to leveraging the power of technology to drive a healthier future for Canadians. The Babylon by TELUS Health app does just that—if you don’t have a family doctor or can’t access yours, you can take advantage of Babylon by TELUS Health and see a doctor from your phone.

Babylon by TELUS Health lets you see a doctor, mental health counsellor or dietitian from your phone, where and when it’s convenient for you. From video consultations to digital health assessments, Babylon by TELUS Health helps you take control of your health.

Digitally monitor your health 

With our Healthcheck and Monitor features, get practical insights about your physical and mental health to make positive lifestyle changes.

Prescriptions and referrals

Get prescriptions and referrals for diagnostic tests or specialists as needed directly through the app.

Check symptoms quickly

Powered by artificial intelligence, our chat-style Symptom Checker asks you questions about your symptoms to suggest possible courses of action.

Access to mental health support

Not feeling like yourself lately? Talking to someone can really help, and you can do it right from your phone. Accessible, non-judgmental virtual support in the comfort of your own home.

Clinical records

Easily access your Babylon by TELUS Health doctor consultation notes and prescription history whenever you need it.

Babylon by TELUS Health’s friendly doctors are fully licensed in the provinces they provide care. They are specially trained to provide video-based care and operate to high clinical standards. All appointments booked through the app will be automatically scheduled in English. However, appointments with doctors who speak other languages such as French, Mandarin, Persian (Farsi) and Punjabi are available. Contact the support team at 1-855-577-8838 for more details.

Babylon by TELUS Health takes data security and privacy extremely seriously. All of Babylon by TELUS Health’s clinical procedures meet industry and legal standards. It retains patient records in accordance with national best practice guidelines, and all patient data is securely transmitted using industry-recognized encryption methods.

Download and register for the Babylon by TELUS Health app for free.

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