Students pitch in for HSC
Okanagan Edge Staff - Apr 07, 2021 - Get Involved

Photo: Contributed

The fundraising campaign for Okanagan College’s new Health Sciences Centre is called the Our Students, Your Health.

Now the students have joined in on the fundraising fun, as the Okanagan College Students’ Union has donated $15,000 towards the new building on the college’s Kelowna campus.

“It’s always good to invest in education, but the pandemic has really brought to the forefront how important nurses and other health-care providers are,” OSCU board member Joseph Welton said. “These professionals are doing incredible work, and they need to be supported not just morally but also financially.”

The students’ union believes new facilities help boost morale around campus, which the college is hoping to have full of students this fall.

“Having a new centre that reflects modern health care environments will be a major benefit to students,” Welton said. “We’ve seen from investing in the Trades Training Complex and other past capital projects, the impact a new space has on students who feel inspired and valued.

“When these students are learning and doing well, they will go straight into our community and benefit the local community, so it’s really easy to see the domino effect of this gift.”

The Okanagan College Foundation is $1.5 million away from its $5 million fundraising goal.

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