Skogie’s offers a Soft Touch
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It’s time to give your vehicle a proper massage.

It transported you through the snow, ice and cold temperatures during the winter, and now it’s time for you to pamper her a little as we prepare for spring.

The recently opened Skogie’s car wash on Clement Avenue has just what the doctor ordered for your ride. It’s the new Soft Touch automatic car wash, which is the first of its kind in the Okanagan. That is nothing new for Skogie’s, which is in its 50th year of business and always brings the latest innovations to the Okanagan market.

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“The equipment is the latest generation of car washing technology,” Skogie’s co-owner Chris Skoglund says. “The brushes all turn at a much slower rate than most car washes do.”

The Soft Touch bay is 160 feet long, which is 20 feet longer than usual, and the brushes feature pads on the end that cover much more area than a regular brush. That means they can spin at a slower rate, and that makes for a more peaceful and quiet journey through the car wash.

“You can easily talk on your phone in the car wash as you go through, unlike most car washes,” Skoglund says. “It’s really quiet.”

Another bonus is the Soft Touch car wash is extremely gentle on a vehicle’s finish.

“It’s a different feel altogether when you go through, and it does an exceptionally good job,” he says.

Skogie’s is offering free Soft Touch car washes on Wednesday, March 31, and Thursday, April 1, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to show clients just how luxurious a wash it is.

The Clement location features 10 self-serve bays that offer two minutes and 30 seconds of washing time per $2 as well as 15 vacuum stations.

Every time a customer purchases an exterior wash, they will receive a token that can be used for a self-serve washing bay or a vacuum at three Skogie’s locations: on Clement Avenue, at the Auto Spa on Kelowna’s Underhill Street and in Vernon on Anderson Way. The tokens can be saved up and used whenever they want.

Skogie’s also offers monthly memberships, which allow customers to wash their vehicles at the Clement, Auto Spa and Vernon locations at any time.

Meanwhile, Skogie’s and Castanet have teamed up for a contest that is free to enter. Skogie’s is giving away 10 exterior wash coupon books. Each book includes 10 washes and is valued at $110. The contest closes April 21.

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