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The casinos are still closed, which makes PokerLake the perfect place to get your poker fix.

The casinos remain closed, and group gatherings are still banned.

That makes playing poker with living people a tough endeavour, especially if you don’t want to go up against professionals that dominate the well-known online sites.

Geoff Herzog and Jesse Sjoquist have found a perfect alternative in PokerLake, a recreational online poker club that is local to the Okanagan, affordable, fun and secure.

There are other online poker clubs, but their fees are too much for the recreational player who is simply looking to have a good time and not face the threat of losing too much money. The well-known online sites are affordable, but that’s where the professionals from all over the globe go to earn a living.

“We’re the first private club to have low fees,” Herzog says.

You can set up a game featuring people you know, or you can test your bluffing skills against strangers in games that have a wide range of stakes, from 10 cents to hundreds of dollars per hand. PokerLake’s Instagram page alerts players about giveaways and details on their weekly, free-roll tournaments with cash prizes offered every Sunday. They are also sponsoring a $500 giveaway on March 31 for @ketokanagan.

Herzog would be able to handle himself in any virtual room, given his professional experience, but Sjoquist prefers to play for entertainment purposes.

“I don’t mind losing ten bucks,” Sjoquist says. “I like to play for the fun of it, and to get some practice and learning to improve my game. All in all, playing a night of poker with PokerLake costs me less than a night out, and it’s just as entertaining.”

Each table’s stake is an effective way of ensuring strangers with similar skill levels are competing against one another. The better players will seek higher-priced games, leaving the recreational players to enjoy themselves at the more affordable tables.

Everyone wins—except those who try to bluff their way out of the 2-7 off suit, of course.

“We want our customers to know that what they’re doing is legal, safe and secure,” Herzog says.

Anyone wishing to play on PokerLake should download the Social Poker app through Google or Apple, create an account and use ID number 5703491 to become a member.

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