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They say nothing is more valuable than time.

If that is indeed the case, it means an Aqua Boat Club membership might be a close second when it comes to value, because it will save you plenty of preparation time, all while adding to the number of hours you spend on the gorgeous waters of Okanagan Lake.

Aqua Boat Club, a product of Mission Group, is all about making your boating experience easier. Getting on the water is quick and easy for club members.

Aqua Boat Club offers a valet and mooring service for those who already own a boat, and it also boasts a boat sharing program that has already sold out for 2021. Anyone wishing to participate in the boat sharing program in 2022 should get on the wait list now.

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The valet and mooring service makes boating in Kelowna easier than ever before. Leave your boat in Aqua Boat Club’s dry-rack marina and say goodbye to algae growth, corrosion, and other issues caused by mooring your boat on the water. When you’re ready to hit the water, simply book your launch time using the Boat Cloud app on your mobile device or computer. The Aqua Boat Club team will remove the tarp on your boat and take it to the loading station at the Cook Road launch site. When you arrive, the team will park your vehicle while you hop in your boat and be launched into the water with one of the club’s motorized boat trailers.

When you’re ready to return to land, simply call ahead and the team will be waiting for you at launch. You get out and hop in your car, and the team will put the tarp back on your boat and store it back on the dry-rack marina, while you have already proceeded to enjoying the rest of your day.

Members receive complimentary winter storage on site, with winterization and shrink-wrapping services available. Security protects your vessel all year long as well.

It really is as easy as A-B-C.

Aqua Boat Club also offers summerization and winterization, tow-out services, preventative maintenance and tune-ups, gelcoat repair, tarp repair, audio and electronics repair, upholstery and carpeting repair, and general mechanical services to members and non-members alike.

To learn more about Aqua Boat Club or to become a member, visit the website here.

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