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Contributed - Mar 24, 2021 - People in Business

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This might surprise you. Your heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in your body—even more than the brain.

Let me show you why your heart’s magnetic field is your superpower, and then I have a simple heart-focused practice you can try.

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute have been researching something called the “heart-coherent state,” which is supported by an incredible amount of evidence.

People naturally shift into this harmonious state when they’re feeling kind, appreciative and compassionate.

The heart’s magnetic field communicates to all cells in the body … and it reaches out and affects the people around us. The energetic interactions between people are measurable.

And the quality of the signals sent by our heart profoundly affects our perceptions, brain function and emotional experience. As coherence increases, so does your brain’s alpha activity, which supports stress and creativity. So how can you increase your heart’s coherence?

Here’s a simple practice you can do in six steps:

1. Bring focused attention to your heart. You might want to place your hand over your heart.

2. Practise deep breathing to lower your heart rate. “Square” breathing is one way. Breathe in slowly for four seconds, hold for four seconds, slowly exhale for four seconds and hold for four seconds; repeat for a few rounds.

3. Bring to mind something that makes you feel love, joy or thankfulness.

4. Amplify the positive emotions that come up—amusement, hope or inspiration. Give them happy or soothing colours if you want. Savour the moment and smile.

5. Visualize sending the feelings from your heart to your brain. Picture them as light energy or shooting stars, for instance.

6. Expand sending these energies to other parts of your body, including cells and organs. Notice how they respond.

This is a heart-healthy habit you can practise regularly as a way to show yourself and others more love, and it will inform the brain to feel calmer. You might wish to do it before bedtime for more restorative sleep.

If you’re pressed for time, even just bringing calm or gratitude through the heart space will bring about coherence.

And by having more heart coherence, you’ll be radiating more good energy out into the world. And that’s powerful.

Tara Pilling is a Kelowna-based lifestyle coach.

This column was submitted as part of BWB Wednesdays.

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