Sales centre planned for Pandosy
Okanagan Edge Staff - Mar 10, 2021 - Biz Releases

Image: Contributed

Stober Group wants to construct a sales centre in Pandosy Village, and it plans to make it an attractive building.

The Kelowna company has submitted plans to the city to build a sales centre on Pandosy Street for its major new development near Gyro Beach.

The sales centre would be built on the site of Pope’s Gallery and Studio, which had a fire more than two years ago and was torn down two months ago. It is located on the northwest corner of Pandosy Street and West Avenue.

“The design of the project is a distillation of the key elements of the 3340 projects into the smaller ‘experience centre,’” Meiklejohn Architects said in its proposal to the City of Kelowna.

“… The scale of the project is to create an enhanced pedestrian experience at the street. The way that the corner entry of the project is notched in from the corner helps to create a moment for pause and sanctuary from the elements for the pedestrian.

“This project is conceived as a modern structure that is genuine to its time and place, and not something that is superficial or contrived.”

The Gyro Beach development, which is planned for 3340 Lakeshore Dr., would consist of two towers and more than 300 residential units. It received rezoning approval from the city in October.

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