Diversity makes children stronger
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Unisus School celebrates diversity because it makes us stronger. By embracing and harnessing our diverse racial backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and religions in schools, our children become better collaborators and can better achieve their goals.

Diversity is an amazing vehicle for education. Children learn from each other through their different perspectives. They learn tolerance, culture, community and identity. Our children learn from collaborating together, each one using their view of the world to work together to attain a common goal.

There are no limits when our diversity is fuelling us. The only limits come when people hold each other back because of their differences. And that’s why it’s so important to model inclusiveness and celebrate our differences like the strength that it is.

How Unisus offers and celebrates diversity

As an International Baccalaureate school, diversity plays a big part in our culture and values at Unisus. The International Baccalaureate upholds 10 community values, and our teachers and curriculum work to instil these values in every student. These values are who we want our students to become, and are a main feature of our student experience and life. And the importance of diversity relates to each and every one of these 10 values.

Some Unisus students live locally, while others travel from across the globe to live in our boarding house, but all of our students share diverse backgrounds. Many of our students speak multiple languages, and all celebrate diverse races, cultures and religions. In fact, Unisus families have sought out the school because of the diversity of the student body, as this wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds is what is important to them. Additionally, most of the staff has taught around the globe, which means that our teachers also bring their global experience, understanding and knowledge to their classrooms.

It is diversity that makes Unisus School the community it is—one that fosters the global perspective from within, and one that is stronger because of it. Being diverse is not only the one thing we all have in common, but it is the one thing that unites us as Canadians.

If you’re curious about what Unisus School has to offer, call 250-404-3232 or visit the website at unisus.ca.

Photo: Contributed

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