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You are legally required to do your taxes, and you should save money for your retirement.

Those two financial actions are usually co-ordinated by different people or organizations, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Victoria Paquette of Paquette Financial can—and does—do both services, which helps her understand her clients’ complete fiscal picture.

“I pride myself on a high sense of integrity, diligence and continuous learning. I truly understand how important it is to listen in order to serve to the benefit of my clients,” Paquette says. “I love working with the small Canadian businesses and Okanagan families. They both tie into each other really nicely.

“When you’re doing their taxes, you’ve got a large picture of where they’re at and then I can look at their investment side. I get a broader picture when I am working on both sides of it.”

Paquette is a licensed investment specialist, and she can handle both Canadian and American tax returns. She encourages conducting free consultations when it comes to portfolio reviews or RRSP contribution scenarios, which is important at this time of year.

Paquette can handle everything from personal and corporate income tax filing to rental properties to estate returns.

Paquette Financial, which has been operating in the Central Okanagan for 13 years, had been preparing a new mobile solution for processing Canadian returns even prior to COVID-19. The new, free app is called refundr and aims to guide Canadians through the process of collecting their yearly tax profile, communicating, signing and receiving their results. The app securely stores your data without ever storing your SIN number and is available for both iPhones and Androids.

Refundr also appeals to the younger generation of people who are all about the digital way of life. It comes in handy in a COVID-19 world where face-to-face meetings are discouraged.

“Everything’s really simple and easy to use,” Paquette says.

Paquette Financial does not stop at taxes and financial planning. It can also advise clients about insurance, whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

Add it all up, and Paquette Financial is one-stop shopping to get your financial house in order.

“I truly like to look at the whole picture, and I don’t think there are a lot of financial advisors that specialize in income tax as well,” she says. “So I feel like I have a broader picture of people’s positions. I have a young family, so I really have a greater understanding of what that looks like.”

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