Lakeside Hearing to the rescue
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Lakeside Hearing’s Nichole Sorensen, left, and Claire Beldi, right, pose with winner Ashleigh Cohen.

Nichole Sorensen learned quickly that many in the Okanagan need hearing help but might not have the funds readily available to acquire them.

It was two years ago when her locally owned and operated business, Lakeside Hearing, conducted its first contest for a free set of hearing aids. The number of applications exceeded Sorensen’s expectations, and many of the stories that the Doctor of Audiology read were heartbreaking.

On Friday, Lakeside Hearing gave away a set of free hearing aids in its latest contest to lucky recipient Ashleigh Cohen.

“It’s very satisfying to see how much we will be able to help her in her daily life,” Sorensen says.

The hearing aids offer the latest technology in audiology, working with the way brains naturally process sound to make it easier for people to hear in complex environments.

Speaking of complex environments, the need for hearing help has actually been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since mask wearing has become a routine part of daily life, people are unable to see people moving their mouth when they speak.

And that is causing problems.

“You can visually fill in about 30 per cent of the speech sounds just by watching someone speak,” Sorensen says. “You lose some of the context of what’s being said by not seeing facial expressions.”

Even if you or someone you love is apprehensive or incapable of purchasing hearing aids, Sorensen suggests at least getting a diagnostic evaluation so the hearing loss can be monitored over time. 

“It’s important to get a baseline for the future,” she says.

Lakeside Hearing, which also offers balance and tinnitus help, has offices in Kelowna and in Lake Country, but all appointments must be made in advance due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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