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Commercial and light industrial businesses looking for a location that is new, inviting and prosperous will have to look no further than The Commerce.

Consisting of three buildings in Vernon that will feature more than 105,000 square feet, The Commerce is different than your average commercial building. It offers the perfect amount of space for your company, it allows you to actually own your space, and it is a bright, new, colourful development that will engage customers.

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The Commerce comes from the company behind The Vaults, which offers luxury storage condominiums that are all about privacy and security. The Commerce will be an inviting location for the Okanagan to come and explore.

The Commerce’s first building will feature 14 units, starting at $299,900 for 1,260 square feet including mezzanine. Other units are available at 2,100 square feet,  including the mezzanine, with flexibility to combine units. Normally a commercial building would make you take twice as much space, which is not what most businesses need in this day and age.

“If you are an emerging or growing business, what’s really important to you is that size,” The Commerce vice-president James Murray says. “You don’t want to take too big of a space that ends up forcing you to carry too many operating costs.

“At the same time, you want to be able to have some flexibility with the space size so that you can grow.”

The Commerce is advantageously situated on 45th Avenue in Vernon, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Highway 97. It is also in an area with retail stores and restaurants.

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The second building will consist of 16 units, while the third and final structure will be home to as many as 19 distinct spaces. And as is the case with The Vaults, owners at The Commerce will be able to work with the company’s design team to create their own unique space.

The best part of all is those who buy at The Commerce will not be beholden to landlords, rent increases or sudden building sales. When you buy at The Commerce, you are in control and have made an investment.

The Commerce features 27-foot ceilings that allow for showcasing or stacking of products below and office space above. There are also doors that are 12 feet by 12 feet, a polished concrete floor, rough-in bathroom, sprinkler suppression system and three-phase power.

The Commerce is located next to The Vaults in Vernon, which is currently selling units as well. Since The Vaults offers luxury storage condominiums, it means the two businesses are the perfect combination of work and play.

The Vaults Kelowna II is also in the process of pre-selling units. The Vaults Kelowna I has sold out and is fully operational.

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