Wine sales reward OneSky
Casey Richardson - Feb 11, 2021 - Get Involved

Photo: Casey Richardson

OneSky Community Resources, a large non-profit multi-service agency, received a donation from Hillside Winery and their winemaker, Kathy Malone, after the winery ran an initiative over the holidays to sell OneSky branded wine and donate a portion from each bottle.

Malone also matched the winery’s total sales donation at the end.

“I match the donation each year, because it’s one of the best charities going. It’s so comprehensive and inclusive,” Malone said.

Tanya Behardien, the executive director for OneSky Community Resources, accepted both cheques on Tuesday from Malone and Hillside general manager Launa Maundrell.

“It’s such a special treat to be recognized in that way, and so they’ve given us a donation from each bottle as well as Kathy’s contribution, so that’s going to some of our programs and services at OneSky,” Behardien said.

“It was just such a huge help. Any donations that we get, of course, we pass on directly to service delivery. Hillside has been such a wonderful partner for us over the years, especially in helping Foundry.”

For more information on services or to volunteer with OneSky, visit their website or give them a call at 250-487-3376 or 211 for other areas in the region.

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