Restaurants can get Lucky
Kirk Penton - Feb 05, 2021 - Biz Releases

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Lucky To Go founder Mandeep Rana has seen the outrage an international food delivery service caused earlier this week when it added a “B.C. fee” to its orders.

The B.C. government has capped at 15% the commission rate that food delivery companies can charge restaurants, so SkipTheDishes added a 99-cent charge to make up for it.

“To continue to provide you with the food you love from your favourite restaurants while providing earning opportunities for independently contracted couriers, you will now see a charge added to all orders in B.C. until the order is lifted,” SkipTheDishes wrote in explaining its B.C. fee.

It did not go over well.

That’s why Rana is ready to give Kelowna restaurants—and their consumers—a break through the Lucky To Go delivery service. He is inviting restaurants to use Lucky To Go at a commission rate of 8%.

“First of all, there are no hidden fees,” Rana said Friday. “We are a local company. We understand what the restaurants are going through. … They’ve got the temporary 15 per cent right now, but we want to go even lower than that, and we’re only charging eight per cent. It’s unheard of in this industry.”

Lucky to Go already has vehicles on the road in Kelowna after launching as a ride-sharing service last summer, and it has food delivery technology already built into its app. So all it needs now is restaurants to get on board. Rana said the company can afford to offer 8% because its ride sharing profits add to the bottom line as well.

“Restaurants can take advantage of the ridiculously low commission rate,” Rana said, adding eateries will also benefit from free promotions directed at those who use Lucky To Go for ride sharing.

Restaurants wishing to sign up for the Lucky To Go delivery service can learn more here.

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