Igloos help business at cafe
Casey Richardson - Nov 20, 2020 - Biz Releases

Locals and visitors have been coming down to an Osoyoos cafe to visit their cozy ‘igloos’ that were put up last month.

Junction 3 Coffeehouse opened up in May of this year and set up the personal bubbles to keep customers warm.

“They love them. Everybody comes by, takes pictures,” Junction 3 Coffeehouse co-owner Hart Pauls said. “They send them back home to wherever their families are, kind of bragging that they get to sit in igloos. It’s funny.

“We have little fireplace heaters in them so they stay nice and warm.”

Pauls and his partner were looking for options on how to extend their winter season when the igloos came up.

“I (said) yes, we have to get those,” he said. “So far, so good. Everyone loves them.”

“We haven’t seen these before. They were completely something different, and that’s kind of something we wanted to do, so that’s why we went that direction.”

In order to keep with COVID-19 safety protocols, employees go inside after every use to clean out the igloos, sanitize and wipe down the furniture.

“We wanted to make sure that people felt safe, comfortable. But not even take COVID out of it, we just wanted to have somewhere warm where people could go and sit and still feel comfortable,” Pauls said.

The cafe is also hoping to have its brewery added in next spring.

More information on Junction 3 Coffeehouse and how to reserve a spot in one of its igloos can be found on its website.

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