Coldstream Games branches out
Okanagan Edge Staff - Oct 16, 2020 - Biz Releases

Image: Contributed

The owners of what is now Coldstream Games designed their first board game 30 years ago. It was handmade, and played by friends and family.

Now the company has decided to share its games with the world.

Coldstream Games recently produced its first board game for public consumption. It is called The Heist—The Museum of Fine Art, and it is available at several locations throughout the Okanagan, most notably Loadza Toyz in Kelowna’s Orchard Park Shopping Centre.

Now that The Heist has been completed, Coldstream Games is working on eight more board games that are in various stages of development. Its second game, Steamrolled, will be the next one to hit the shelves.

More information about Coldstream Games can be found here.

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