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Diet and exercise are two ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to get that figure you have always wanted.

What diet and exercise do not do, however, is target specific body areas. Kelowna’s Body by Design can take care of those trouble spots through advanced body contouring technology.

TriPollar and Dynamic Muscle Activation are two kinds of TriLipo technology Body by Design uses to harness your body’s natural process for the most effective skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite reduction.

Taking a few inches off the body circumference is a challenge faced by many. Age, genetics and lifestyle are all critical factors that affect one’s body. As we age, the body’s metabolism slows down, and it becomes difficult to eliminate unwanted fat.

DMA achieves muscle tone through directly applied electrical current, allowing intervals of stimulation and relaxation for effectively elevated muscle workload. Unlike other technologies, DMA allows customizable and personalized treatments to target different muscles and body areas, adjusting the strength, duration and number of contractions.

The result of DMA technology is a safe and effective increase of muscle density and volume, better definition and muscle toning with immediate and long-term results.

TriPollar, meanwhile, uses radio frequency technology to warm the fat and immediately tighten the skin, which aids the production of collagen.

These kind of treatments are called TriLipo because they are the only ones in the world that focus on the skin, fat layer and muscles at the same time. More information about TriLipo can be found here.

These advanced technologies utilized by Body by Design are clinically proven, non-invasive, effective and painless solutions. Effects are visible after the first treatment, and a series of them offers long-term results.

The treatments are walk-in and walk-out procedures that do not take up much of your day.

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