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Why run around trying to plug your fingers in all the dike holes that pop open while you’re trying to run your business?

That is why IWG Corporate Services was created. The Kelowna business adds a level of professionalism to your company, providing a road map to success and basically doing the things you simply do not want to do.

IWG Corporate Services offers everything and anything you could think of that is required to run a business, from corporate governance assistance (human resources polices, job descriptions, organizational chart and assessing corporate culture) to financial and business modelling (business planning, succession planning and value analysis) to ongoing management (setting up targets and deliverables, and tracking performance).

Financing is also a crucial aspect of any business, and IWG Corporate Services makes sure all your ducks are in a row when trying to secure the capital required to grow your business.

IWG Corporate Services’ full list of business solutions

“Rather than hiring 40 people, you hire one firm,” IWG Corporate Services president and advisor Jason Netherton says. “We’re the only family office with corporate services in the Okanagan.”

IWG Corporate Services will have the tough talk with you as well. If Netherton or another one of the company’s advisors sees a problem with your business, they will let you know. They will run a complete assessment to find strengths and weaknesses.

Once those have been determined, installing a set of repeatable processes and systems is implemented. Once those are in place, the strategic planning commences.

“There’s an old saying that any road leads to nowhere,” Netherton says. “Business owners aren’t given a set of instructions to set up their company. You fast forward five to ten years, and they’re encountering different problems and need different solutions than when they first started it.”

IWG Corporate Services works primarily with small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have the personnel to fill the roles necessary for success, but it also services large companies in both B.C. and the U.S. that are looking to grow.It also deals with private equity firms that are interested in positioning businesses for succession.

IWG Corporate Services helps your business reach its full potential if you are looking to sell it at its maximum price.

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