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Now is the time to pursue that career you have always wanted.

Business. Health. Education. Technology. Cannabis. Wine.

Okanagan College’s new Continuing Studies Fall 2020 brochure highlights an array of online courses starting this fall that are geared toward helping people build skills and step into some of the most in-demand roles and vital sectors in our economy in the Okanagan and beyond.

Going back to school or making a career change isn’t easy. But OC’s Continuing Studies department has long been a conduit for learners of all backgrounds wanting to step into flexible learning that works for their work and home life.

Noelle Eugster is one of those proud OC alumni who did just that. She still considers going back to college one of the best decisions she’s made in her life.

“Making a complete career change and going back to college in my mid-40s was certainly scary, but I’m so glad I did. It was easily one of the smartest choices I’ve ever made,” says Eugster, who completed the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Certificate.

Eugster puts her training to work on a daily basis through her job as a safety and training co-ordinator for USNR in Salmon Arm.

The company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of equipment and technologies for the wood processing industry, which Eugster says gives her the chance to correspond with her OHS colleagues around the world to stay up to date on the latest considerations, best practices and developments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The course was extremely helpful in preparing me for the work I do now,” says Eugster. “I refer to what I learned on a daily basis. It’s a phenomenal course, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into the occupational health and safety field. My instructor was so helpful and made the transition of going back to school easy.”

To assist those looking to boost their skills or make a career change this fall, Okanagan College has unveiled its fall array of Continuing Studies courses, many of which will be delivered online.

In order to serve students better and offer flexibility as new online courses continue to be added, the college broke with tradition this year and published an entirely online brochure.

The brochure is available to read online or downloaded here.

“This year marks the first time in decades the Continuing Studies brochure won’t be arriving in mailboxes around the region,” explains Jane Lister, Acting Director for Continuing Studies and Regional Dean for the North Okanagan. “So we want to get the word out to people to head to our website, where you can find the brochure, search courses and stay tuned as we add new offerings.

“We know many people are looking not only for professional development opportunities during the pandemic but may also be thinking about changing careers or diversifying their skills right now.”

New courses for Fall 2020

Along with many popular favourites, the brochure includes a range of all-new offerings for fall, such as:

• A course called Entrepreneurship. Are you ready to start your own business? The class gives an overall perspective of what it takes to be an entrepreneur to anyone interested in starting their own business or looking for other alternatives to make a living.

• Training for social media and mobile marketing for small business. Designed specifically for small business owners looking to build their online marketing efforts, these courses provide both basic and more advanced overviews of the various platforms available and how to use them effectively.

• Practical skills training with the new Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training. This hands-on practical driver training course is useful in a variety of fields such as mining, forestry, silviculture, infrastructure management, wildfire, wardens or park rangers.

The college is also offering a number of courses on COVID-19.

A course called COVID-19 Hazards, Risks, Controls, and Communication provides learners with the skills necessary to direct COVID-19 risk management practices in the work place. Another called COVID-19 Strategies: Wellness, Mental Health and Stress will provide learners with tips, tools and strategies to promote wellness, mental health and manage COVID-19 related stress.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Info Sessions

The college is also serving up online info sessions to help students get answers to their questions, learn more about their programs of interest and what to expect about learning online this fall. The next session is coming up on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 5:30 p.m. highlighting OC’s AutoCAD program. Students can sign up to attend, stay tuned for upcoming sessions and view recordings of past sessions here.

Questions should be directed to [email protected] or 1-888-638-0058.

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