More accessible tourism needed
David Wylie - Aug 04, 2020 - Biz Releases

Photo: TOTA

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association has released a new video advocating for more accessible tourism.

Kamloops Paralympian Jessica Vliegenhart and three-time Canadian Paralympic gold medalist wheelchair curler Sonja Gaudet are among those who speak in the video.

Gaudet says more and more people are looking for an accessible experience.

“What I need is much different than what someone else needs,” says Gaudet in the video, called ‘Accessibility in a new light.’

TOTA President and CEO Glenn Mandziuk said the association has been working with Access BC and Spinal Cord Injury BC for several years to encourage accessibility. In recent months, the association has signed formal partnerships with CRIS Adaptive, KASA, Access Revolution, and Travel for All with a goal to build inclusive and accessible tourism experiences in the Thompson Okanagan Region.

He said the tourism industry can help make a difference by working to create accessible experiences, including hotels, restaurants, outdoor adventures, and transportation.

“We want to do all those things that everyone else is doing alongside our family and friends. We want to bike, we want to hike, we want to take that yoga class, cooking class, wine tour,” says Vliegenhart.

“Integration is more than just a single accessible room off by itself somewhere We want to participate – and should be able to participate as much as an able bodied person can.”

Learn more about about Accessible Travel here.

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