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The Okanagan has been mostly COVID-free during much of the pandemic, but that has changed in the last couple of weeks due to an outbreak that has affected dozens of people and several businesses.

As a result, the time is right for the valley to get serious about protecting itself from the virus. Tourism is huge in the region during the summer, and an Okanagan company, Westkey Graphics, can help businesses stay in the game while also keeping everyone safe.

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“You either shut down the town and say no one comes into this town that doesn’t live in Kelowna, or you have to protect yourselves against the people coming in and this pandemic,” Westkey Graphics CEO Alfie Karmal says.

Westkey Graphics is the company to trust when it comes to safety screens and sneeze guards because it has a massive supply of acrylic. The business is also well aware of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, which makes the process easier for business owners who already have enough on their minds.

“We have thousands and thousands of sheets of acrylic,” Karmal says. “We can cut it and make it at our Kelowna operation. We want to preserve people and customers, and provide a sneeze guard in relatively short order—and affordably—to protect people.”

Westkey Graphics has already supplied proper safety screens for companies like A&W, COBS Bread Bakery and Canadian Blood Services. It has also supplied some of the country’s hospitals, chiropractors, dentists, restaurants and golf courses.

The company takes pride in being able to make its screens look like they were always part of the furniture. They can be custom made to blend in with the room, whether it’s mahogany, teak, pine or any other design feature.

“We have customized solutions for just about every kind of business there is,” Karmal says. “It really customizes to anyone’s environment and anyone’s budget.”

More information about Westkey Graphics’ products can be found in its online store.

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