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Angela Price-Stephens visited Kelowna for a few months in 1994 between law school and the start of her legal career.

It took her 25 years, but she finally made it back.

Price-Stephens joined Kelowna’s Pushor Mitchell law firm last year, specializing in estate disputes and medical malpractice, and she couldn’t be happier to finally be “home.” It took only those three months for Price-Stephens to fall in love with the Okanagan, and she had been pining to return even after having children and starting her career in her native UK. She worked in England for 10 years before convincing her family it was time to move to Canada.

“I just remember, I sat with my hands on the steering wheel in the driveway thinking: What happened to the dream?” Price-Stephens says.

So in 2006 they picked up stakes and moved to B.C., settling in Vancouver since it was a better work situation for her husband. “Frankly I would have volunteered for a legal aid organization just to be here in Kelowna, but that was not fair on my husband.”

Finally, after a quarter century the move was made to Kelowna.

“I lost my heart to the place, and the more people told me it was never going to happen, the more I was going to make it happen,” she says.

The UK’s loss is Kelowna’s gain. Price-Stephens brings nearly a quarter century of complex legal experience to the Okanagan. “I’ve always dealt with the way more complicated stuff,” she says. “I cut my teeth on suing a variety of professionals for malpractice. As a newbie lawyer that takes guts. It was also exciting, but I’ve benefited from some of the most senior mentors in the law.”

Now Price-Stephens works with various legal organizations providing mentorship to the next generation of lawyers. She prides herself by bringing an empathetic ear to all of her cases, knowing that she is dealing with legal proceedings that could tear family members apart or bring them together. She is also studying to get her master’s degree in counselling psychology to advance her skills, and to bring as much communication and understanding to the process.

She is an internationally trained mediator with many years of experience in bringing together large groups of individuals who need help reaching a resolution.

“It is rarely in the client’s best interests to go for the opponent’s jugular,” Price-Stephens says, “despite what the client may think they need. But that is not professional. It generally wastes time and the client’s money. To be a trusted legal advisor working in the client’s best interest one needs restraint and to be able to do things strategically and not be ruled by emotion.”

The empathy Price-Stephens brings to estate matters is one based on her years of practising law and her personal experiences.

“My brother passed away in 2015 and my father passed last year,” she says. “So I have first-hand knowledge of how sensitive these matters can be and how much clients can be run by their emotions, particularly in the first few months after a loved one has died.”

Even though she has been in Kelowna for a little more than a year, Price-Stephens is already more committed to the community than most are in a lifetime. She is president of Brain Trust Canada, an organization serving those living with a brain injury, serves on the Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna board of directors, and works with the Boys and Girls Club, and John Howard Society doing restorative justice, “redirecting youth who have perhaps made one foolish decision from starting life with a criminal record,” she says.

Of her work and volunteer commitments, Price-Stephens notes “it is always about what I can do for others and doing it well. I am grateful to have had the opportunities to learn from the best and achieve this level of experience.”

Price-Stephens is available through her office at Pushor Mitchell at 250-869-1172 for matters relating to estate disputes—such as disputing an unfair will—and for claims of medical malpractice resulting in serious personal injury.

More information can be found at and

She can also be reached via email at [email protected].

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