Education the best investment
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What has been the best investment you have ever made? Chances are it was some form of education.

Education, just like most services of value in life, is not created equally. That’s OK, because not everyone has the same goals as to how they want to use their education. If you value the preference of selection from top-notch colleges and universities or if your future goals include global experience and international business, an independent school is something you may have your sights set on. If tech and innovation or fostering a highly organized and successful entrepreneur mindset are high on your list of outside-the-box, education program goals, your value again is going to be quite high for an independent education program such as Unisus, as these are regular opportunities for students.

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OK, so you’ve already done your research; you already highly value and understand the advanced programming available at Unisus. Maybe you’ve previously visited campus and seen what the future of education rooted in innovation looks like. You may still be left wondering how to afford it.

We know Okanagan families are experiencing unprecedented financial hardships and have had to make tough choices. We do not want those tough choices to land on sacrificing your child’s educational opportunity. That’s where the Matching Program comes in.

Newly initiated, the Unisus Matching Program is available to a limited number of families in the Okanagan who share the values and future-forward vision of Unisus. The Matching Program was designed for Okanagan residents to partner with the school during this time of financial distress, seeing school founders share in the investment that the advanced programming at Unisus brings to the community.

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The program matches candidate families’ financial commitments equally, up to half of the required tuition amount for your student. That means your junior school student has access to a rigorous International Baccalaureate World School education for just a little over $300 per month and $775 per month for senior school students.

Senior school students who are up to the challenge of completing the rigorous IB Diploma Program with Unisus have the added value of consideration in receiving many first-year, post-secondary credit courses as standing granted. What that means is you could save almost all of that first-year university tuition and essentially one whole year of related post-secondary costs such as rent and food by merely completing the IB DP for your Grade 11 and 12 cohorts.

Other financial award programs are available for students, including scholarships for outstanding education and community achievement, and bursaries based on financial need. All that is needed to start the enrolment and scholarship process is an online application at Start your application today, and get ready for the road to success.

A free interactive webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 7, to provide more information about the IB program and scholar-athlete academies, not to mention exclusive scholarship access. Registration at is required, as there is limited availability.

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