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Dr. Amy Johnson and her puppy, Potter Avocado.

The new South Mission Animal Hospital will treat your pets, but it will also develop a deep relationship with you and your furry friend to ensure the best care possible.

“Our goal is to be able to provide top quality medicine with the best client and patient care,” says Dr. Amy Johnson, one of three veterinarians at the clinic. “Our priority is to have longer and more personalized appointments so we can foster good relationships.

“That way we can really get to know our patients, so when things go wrong we’re very well equipped to know what their normal is and have built that trust with the owner so they know that we have their pet’s best interests at heart.”

The South Mission Animal Hospital, which is located at 1-3818 Gordon Dr. in Kelowna, opened its doors earlier this week and runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It is owned by Interior Pet Health Group, which also owns Fairfield Animal Hospital—Kelowna’s only 24-hour emergency hospital.

“Members of the Interior Pet Health Group have been practicing veterinary medicine in the Okanagan for nearly 30 years, so the fact they are treating pets belonging to their long-time friends and neighbours means the relationships between pet and vet already run deep,” says Dr. Steve Ganton, who is now seeing patients at South Mission Animal Hospital and started his career at Fairfield Animal Hospital upon vet school graduation in 1994.

South Mission Animal Hospital is primarily a day practice, which means cats and dogs can come in for vaccines, spays, neuters and other wellness concerns. The clinic does surgeries four days a week.

The clinic’s mission to get to know its patients and owners better is reflected in its setup. There are only two exam rooms, and they are spacious enough to give them animals plenty of room for romping when they’re not being examined. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that leads to better communication.

“It is a calming atmosphere in here,” Dr. Johnson says. “We limit the number of pets that are in the building at one time. We have two exam rooms that are quite substantial in size, so the animals don’t feel claustrophobic and they’ve got room to move around. It’s definitely a more soothing, calming clinic.”

South Mission Animal Hospital features top-of-the-line equipment, including devices for dental care. Its veterinarians stay up to date on all the latest treatments and animal care news through continued education.

Dr. Johnson says she and her colleagues, Dr.Ganton and Dr. Caroline Ohse, go above and beyond when it comes to being informed about the best possible care for animals.

“There’s definitely an emphasis put on learning new techniques and keeping up on our knowledge to a high standard,” she says.

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