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For more than 40 years, the motto of Ebus’ parent company has been “Safely Home.”

So when it came time to decide whether or not to continue to provide bus service during the most dangerous days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was simple. They pulled their buses off the road.

And now that Ebus is set to once again start transporting passengers around B.C. again on Thursday, you can bet that safety is going to be the company’s top priority. In fact, Ebus has incorporated the Safely Clean program to assure travellers that their well-being is the primary concern.

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Safely Clean is a collaboration between Ebus’ director of safety, operations and the passenger experience team, who used their time while not operating to build this program to ensure the safety of both staff and passengers.

Safely Clean covers every step of a passenger’s Ebus journey, from check-in to boarding to what happens once they are on board the coach. The company has implemented a total of 22 safety protocols throughout the three stages.

The most important thing for passengers to know, however, is that they will have to wear face masks throughout their journey. If they don’t have one of their own, they will be available for purchase before getting on the bus.

And once on the bus, every other seat will be unoccupied in an effort to create social distancing. Ebus didn’t have to have social distancing on its buses since everyone will be wearing face masks, but it wanted to add another level of safety and protection to its patrons.

Ebus will also be using electrostatic sprayers that take surface cleaning to new levels. They can hit the hard-to-reach places, like in the seat-belts and between the seats and the walls, and they will be used after every trip. Electrostatic sprayers will also be used in the Ebus offices.

The Ebus schedule won’t return to everyday service in the beginning, as routes will be running on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

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