A&W Mamas for seniors
Darren Handschuh - May 22, 2020 - Biz Releases

If the people can’t get to the burgers, Graham Mann decided to bring the burgers to the people.

With COVID-19 social-isolation measures forcing seniors to hunker down in their residences, the manager of the Fruit Union Plaza A&W decided to make a special delivery Thursday.

The Vernon eatery delivered 50 burgers and fries to Vernon Restholm.

“We thought during this tough time we could help our local community by feeding them,” said Mann, who personally delivered 50 Mama cheeseburgers to the seniors complex.

“We just thought with all of the frontline supporters that are getting a lot of recognition we thought some of the elderly in town are also being affected by this and it’s hard for them to get out, so we thought we could bring it to them,” Mann said while his staff quickly assembled the massive meal to go.

Like other eateries in the province, the A&W had to close its door to sit-down customers several weeks ago, ramping up drive-thru sales instead.

But Mann is hopeful people will once again be able to gather for meals soon.

“We want to have that happen sooner rather than later, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to get back to some normalcy of where we used to be,” he said.

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