T-shirts support local biz
Rob Gibson - May 12, 2020 - Get Involved

Photo: Contributed

A group of concerned Okanagan businesses have joined forces to help support local companies struggling to stay alive during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Daniel Connolly owns and operates Kelowna’s The Local Chemist, so he knows first hand how hard the last couple of months have been.

“We are volunteering our time and talents to help out our community,” he said.

That’s why he joined forces with Cool Hand Print Co. and local designer Ashleigh Green to market the “In This Together,” T-shirt.

“Small business in the Okanagan are sacrificing their livelihood for our health and safety during COVID-19 at great costs to their staff and business,” Connolly said. “One hundred per cent of our profits are going to support these businesses and the staff that support them. We’ve got this, Okanagan. We’re in this together.”

Connolly says the T-shirts cost $40, and 50% of that total will go directly towards participating businesses and the other 50% will towards production and distribution of the shirts.

“It’s a way for people to say, ‘We want your establishment to be around, strictly for the service industry from Vernon to Penticton,'” Connolly said.

The plan also calls for a 10% discount at participating establishments once the ban on social distancing is completely lifted. People who purchase a T-shirt will get the discount if they wear their shirts to the stores once the ban has been lifted.

So far 22 businesses have signed up, and Connolly expects that list to continue to grow, “because we are all in this together.”

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