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Even though the weather is getting warmer, you’re still spending way more time than normal in your home.

If that weren’t enough, spring means allergy season.

So there’s no better time to make sure the air quality within your four walls is the best it can possibly be. Installing the right indoor air quality filter in your home can make all the difference in the world.

“Regular filters are really meant just to protect the furnace, to stop dust and debris from getting on the blower and the motor,” ComfortTech Heating & Cooling co-owner Terri Wilkinson says. “But there are some filters that are meant to protect the people who live in the house.”

Research by the Environmental Protection Agency found that the air quality inside homes can be two to 10 times worse than it is outside. And once the allergens or wildfire smoke gets in your home, it’s not going anywhere.

“Once allergens or particulates get in the house, they just recirculate through your system,” Wilkinson says. “If you don’t have any way to filter any of these things out, then they’re just there.”

The SolaceAir polarized-media electronic clean air filter installs directly into the one-inch filter rack in your existing heating and cooling system. Its electronically enhanced media combines elements of both electronic and media air cleaners, and it covers your whole house.

The air filter system will also help with the nasty odours that can sometimes permeate a home, including wildfire smoke.

“Filtration can do a lot of great things,” Wilkinson says. “It can take a bunch of particles out that might be allergenic, they can filter out components of wildfire smoke or cigarette smoke. It’s amazing how clean the air in your house can be with proper filtration.”

Wilkinson and her husband, Jeff Ballard, installed the air filter system in their home two years ago, and Ballard, who has bad allergies, realized last July that he made it through the 2019 allergy season unscathed.

Comfort Tech employees carry the Solace Air filters with them at all times, so the installation can be done quick and easily.

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